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Tip Of The Day:

To obtain minimal temperature fluctuation when changing water, wash your Betta tank in the morning.

 Welcome  to the wonderful world of Betta Fish!

This site is dedicated to all Betta hobbyist that share the same interest - Keeping Betta Fish and sharing of information and experience to improve knowledge, developing better strains and keeping the hobby alive.

Unlike any other fish of its kind, Betta Fish is unique in every ways from displaying the most vibrant colors of tropical fishes to its famous fighting spirit and intolerable temperament.

Its popularity easily surpassed all other tropical fishes, and without doubt, it's one of the most interesting fish to keep. Many of us have a chance to keep them(the betta) as a child as they requires minimal aquarium space and is one of the hardiest fish of all that can tolerate less than ideal water conditions and temperatures.

Their colours are unmatched in intensity, brightness and gives you a lively and energetic impression on those little fishes.

All in all, betta fish's unique appearance and character is next to none compared to all tropical fish. It's a fish that will definitely impress and trill everyone young and old!



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GoldRed Crowntail

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     Black Copper      Halfmoon Plakat
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