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Pet bettas do just fine on pelleted betta foods. However, if your planning to breed it is best to use a variety of frozen and/or live foods along side dry foods. Some good frozen foods are Bloodworms, Mysis Shrimp, and Daphnia. Good live foods are Grindal Worms, Black Worms, Mosquito Larva and Daphnia. NEVER get live foods from ponds, you may be introducing some unwanted pests or diseases with pond harvested foods. It is a good idea to alternate these foods at different feeding times and not to feed them all at once. Also only feed what your betta can eat in a couple minutes and remove any uneaten food with a turkey baster to prevent it from fouling the water. Or just feed your bettas prior to cleaning time. I suggest that you use Hikari Frozen foods as they are triple sterilized to prevent parasites and diseases from harming your fish and have extra vitamins added to promote better health.

Fry Food

For feeding betta fry live food is best. You can buy live food cultures from most betta breeders. In the first week you can feed Infusoria, Vinegar Eels and Micro Worms. After the first week you can add frozen or live Baby Brine Shrimp to their diet until the fry are old enough for Daphnia and Dry baby Fish foods. A good dry food that you can start feeding (sparely during the first week is Hikari First Bites and after a few more weeks try a slightly larger fry food like HBH Fry Bites. Although fry do best on a diet of solely live baby brine shrimp.


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