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Betta Accessories/Equipment

Gadgets to Ease Betta Rearing

A lot of betta accessories are ‘created’ or used innovatively by betta fish hobbyist nowadays. New methods and new accessories are utilised by them mainly to enhance old methods of keeping betta in the hope of producing better results and reduce the work and time in betta maintenance that can be quite tedious at times.

Betta Scoop

Betta scoop is a creative way of handling bettas with maximum care when ‘scooping’ it up from its tank. Unlike our conventional way of netting the betta that may cause it to flip about and injured its fins (especially the Halfmoons), the betta scoop scoops up the fish and also the tank water. This will not shock the fish and thus less possibilities of causing injuries.

Brine Shrimp Net

Brine Shrimp Net

Brine Shrimp Net is widely used by breeders to harvest baby brine shrimp or artemia to feed the tiny fries. The net will usually have 100-200 micron mesh opening as newly hatched brine shrimp are around 400 to 450 microns in length.



Medical Dropper/ Syringe

Medical Dropper
Disposable Dropper
Medical Syringe
Medical Syringe

Medical Dropper and Syringe are a convenient way to extract the Fry Food Culture especially Vinegar Eel and Brine Shrimp. You can practically extract any medium you want including fish medication with precise measurements.