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Betta Fish Feeding Frequency

Betta fish are becoming among the most sought-after tropical fish species because of their impressive fins and colorful bodies. Betta fish belongs to the Anabantidae family of freshwater perciform fishes. The Siamese Fighting Fish is the most popular kind of Beta Seafood.

Betta’s grow to be about two and a quarter inches long. Their ability to live in less-than-ideal aquarium conditions makes them the perfect choice for most aquariums, especially for beginners. Betta fishes are a type of labyrinth fish which means they be capable of breath air from both the air and in water.


Unless you feed your fish enough, it’ll starve to death
If you feed it too much it will overeat into an unhealthy condition, actually get fat, and produce more waste. This means the tank water gets dirty quickly and if you don’t keep up with water changes, your Betta will get sick.

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Any food that the Betta didn’t eat will float to the underneath of the tank, rot and lead to unhealthy bacteria growth. Again, leading to poor container conditions and stressing out your Betta Fish.


Adult Bettas: feed once a day, only enough that they can eat in about 2 minutes. After that, they’re either over-eating, which is very unhealthy, or the meals will rot as I’ve previously stated and degraded tank conditions. If you feed your Betta pellets, then this would probably be somewhere between 3-6 pellets a day

Skip 1 day weekly: It’s good for your Betta Fish to fast once weekly, it can help flush out toxins from their digestive systems.
Betta fry’s: give food to twice each day
More Questions:

Why does the Betta fish food say to feed them 2-3 times each day?
Simple – so you’ll use more food and also have to buy more. No expert will tell you firmly to feed your Betta many times a day.

Could it be OK to neglect greater than a day?
If you’re taking off on a trip for the weekend and do not have anyone to look after your Betta Fish, don’t be concerned. Betta’s have been knowing to survive heading a few weeks without being fed. So skipping a couple of days won’t do any harm. In fact, maybe providing your Betta just a little extra to eat just before you leave is an excellent suggestion, one of the few times its Fine for them to overeat.

You should try to feed your Betta fish 2-3 times a day. Try only to feed them quantities that they can consume within minutes. If you overfeed your Betta, you put them a higher risk of getting an infection or other fish diseases. Now and then feeding your Betta a live shrimp or dark worm can be very healthy, but only in moderation.

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