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Betta Fish Food – Essentials

Are you confused about feeding your Betta fish? Don’t worry; the rows below will try to shed some light on this issue. After all, feeding this beautiful little fighter is not that hard.

The instructions on the container of food you purchased said to give food to your Betta 2-3 times per day, yet the sales clerk at your pet store thought to feed them almost every other day? Don’t worry if you’re baffled; you aren’t alone.

Nourishing your Betta properly not only is essential to provide your fish with the nutrients it needs, but it is also essential to overall fish tank/drinking water conditions.

What Should You Feed A Betta fish?

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Like other fish, Bettas have to be given the right amount and right type of food on a regular basis. The Beta fish is known as a carnivorous species and will feed on water-bound insect larvae, zooplankton and mosquito larvae in the wild. Most Betta’s elevated in captivity prey on an assortment of daphnia, bloodworms, and brine shrimp. Mixture Betta Pellets are an extremely popular choice among keepers. These food pellets are a precise mixture of common fish food such as mashed shrimp and bloodworms and with special vitamin supplements added in. Research shows that this mixture boosts the betta fish disease fighting capability, enhances the Betta’s colors and promotes durability.

Other styles of food should also be given to Bettas to give additional nutrients and fiber to their diets. Finely cut vegetables which are extremely high in protein and/or fiber can be quite healthy for Betta; for example, broccoli, corn, carrots, soybeans and green beans.

Betta fish Live For Variety!

If you feed your Betta with a broad selection of high fiber/ protein foods, you will see brighter and richer color in your fish. Also, fish that follow a healthy diet will heal considerably faster when fin damage occurs. Beta fish have upturned mouths, meaning that they normally eat from the water’s surface try to pick foods that float.

Now additionally, you need to make sure your Betta is eating the meals you are giving to them. Closely watch your Betta eat for a few minutes the next time you give food to it. Maybe you’re feeding your Betta regular fish flakes it appears to eat them but is merely chewing and spitting them out? So not only is your Betta not getting proper diet the uneaten flakes were degrading tank conditions.

Now you know the essentials on feeding betta fish. As I’ve told you in the beginning, this is not something complicated.


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