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Plakat Betta

Plakat refers to the short tail betta fish species that is the most common in the betta hobby. It is relatively inexpensive to obtain, and there is abundant stock in the local fish shop. Most of us will have experience keeping it in the initial stage of our aquarium hobby. Plakat fighters are also bred for fights where even large sum of money is involved in the betting although in most places, fish fighting is prohibited by local laws and regulations. It is a tough fish that will survive in the hardest condition of nature.

A Nice Lavendar Plakat Halfmoon by Elite_Betta of Indonesia

Today Plakats are re-engineered to show on stage with enhanced colours and finnage. The ones that reach 180 degree in its caudal is known as Halfmoon Plakat. The thing interesting about these fishes are they are very responsive due to their fighting nature, and as their tail is short, it tends to hold its shape longer through its lifespan. A nice show specimen can cost as high as any Halfmoons or Crowntail betta !


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