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Wild Betta

Wild Betta refers to the native betta fish species in the wild in its natural habitat.

Wild bettas are different in body shapes and colours in their respective habitat. Some multiply by laying eggs and others are mouth brooders. Their natural habitat are mainly small streams, paddy fields and shallow waters that are almost stagnant. Most are found in Thailand, Malaysia and other South East Asian countries.

Modern development are the greatest treat to the declining numbers and species of wild bettas. Their homes are often destroyed or polluted nowadays. Some of the hobbyist are trying to breed them and ‘transfer’ the young to an unpolluted ecosystem in the hope that the number of wild bettas will soon be increased and not heading to extinction. Wildlife parties are also testing and experimenting new ways to preserved certain species of wild betta.

The Common Types Of Wild Betta

Betta Imbellis

– Originates from Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra.

– Bubble Nest Egg layer

– Elongated body with iridescent colour green and blue. The outer part of the caudal

fin (Tail) will usually be red in colour.

Betta Smaragdina

– Also known as Emerald Betta

– Originates from North Western Thailand

– Bubble Nest Egg layer

– Have a faint green tone on entire fish

– Will not tolerate high temperature. Best at 28 degree Celsius

Betta Coccina

– Originates from South Malaysia and Centre Sumatra

– Usually will have a dark colored dot in the middle of the maroon body

– Prefers soft water

– Bubble Nest Egg layer, relatively small spawn of less than 100 eggs

– 6 months to reach maturity

Betta Persephone

– Originates from Southern Malaysia.

– Bubble Nester (Rely more on floating plants due to the nature of blowing small

quantity of bubbles) Egg layer, very small spawn of 50 eggs average

Betta Bellica

– Originates mainly from Southern Malaysia.

– Largest Bubble Nest Egg Layer

– Size can achieve more than 10cm

– Live in very acidic water PH 4 – 5, but very tolerant

Betta Simplex

– Discovered in Southern Thailand.

– Relatively small size 6-8cm at most

– Lived in white water with neutral PH

– Mouth Brooder

Betta Pugnax

– Originates from all parts of Malaysia.

– Mouth Brooder

– Will grow to around 10cm

-Colour varies due to wide distribution (ie blue/green dots on body, darker/lighter

colour, colour/non-coloured at the botton part of the face.

Betta Unimaculata

– Originates from East Malaysia.

– Mouth Brooder

– One of the largest betta. May reach 20 cm in length

– Lived in water that measures pH 7.5 and 28 degree Celsius temperature

Betta Macrostoma

– Originates from Brunei, known as ‘Brunei Beauty’

– Most sought after and priced wild betta

– Not tolerant of temperature and pH (25 degree celcius , pH 4.7 in the wild)

– Mouth Brooder

– Size up to 11 cm


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